This is a really personal song for me. It was inspired by my wife, Jenner. I overheard her talking to her sister on the phone and she was so excited that her business was starting to take off that she could hardly get the words out. She told her sister "It's all... It's everything I've been working for all these years." About two hours later I brought my acoustic guitar upstairs and played her this song. I could hardly get through it I was so emotional. I was so happy for her time to shine.

I think a lot of people can relate to this song. The searching. The years of dedication to a goal. Working toward a vision that other people can't quite see. And when you finally get there people might call you an overnight success.

Enjoy the song. And YOUR time in the spotlight.

released March 22, 2022
These are the lyrics for the song "All and Everything" written by Eric Linden; performed by Eric Linden and drummer Kristers Hartmanis. The song was recorded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in conjunction with Knife River Records. Mixed and Mastered by Tyler Pilot of Red Dot Recording. Copyright 2022. All Rights Reserved.


All and Everything" is a song about that thrilling feeling of finally having a breakthrough after years of searching. It was inspired for my wife Jenner. "All and Everything" is featured as the theme song of the 2022 ReWilding Virtual Retreat.
You’ve been waiting on your breakthrough
Now it’s time to make your big debut
They’ll be shining down that spotlight
You know they’ll say it happened overnight

It’s all it’s all
It’s all it’s all

It’s all it’s everything you’ve been searching for
It’s all it’s everything
It’s all it’s everything you’ve working for
It’s all it’s everything

You could see it in your tarot cards
The way the stars aligned
And there’s a new moon shining on down
The whole world looks sublime

You’ve been searching
Searched the whole world over
You can breathe a little easier darling
Cause your search is over

Guitar Solo

It’s all it’s everything
It’s all it’s everything
It’s all it’s everything
It’s all it’s everything