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Album Cover Art!

Here is the official cover art for my debut album Burning up the Marquee to be released on Friday, September 30th.

I started getting into pop-art covers with the release of my single "Crimson Lips,"  and I loved this abstract…

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Crimson Lips Artwork

Hey!  How've you been? 

I've been busy finishing up my debut album and getting ready to drop a new single called "Crimson Lips."   It's a driving rock song that's drawn early comparisons to the Stones and The Cars.

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"3,000 Pieces of Me" Lyrics

3,000 Pieces of Me is about feeling blindsided by a breakup and the pain of all of the things you lose when someone moves out of your life.  Sweet memories turn sour, and the song that used to light you…

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"Chasing You" Lyrics

"Chasing You" is about a woman caught up in the relationship drama of a love triangle.  She’s not over her Ex, but he’s moved on to somebody new.  It’s a straight-ahead rocker because she’s facing the truth about her love…

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