The Stories Behind the Songs

"3,000 Pieces of Me"

3,000 Pieces of Me is about feeling blind sided by a breakup and the pain of all of the things you lose when someone moves out of your life. Sweet memories turn sour, and the song that used to light you up makes you switch off the radio. When she walks out of your life forever she’s taking pieces of your heart. And your favorite sweater. And some of records. And it’s all just… gone.

This song is written from the perspective of a character, and I really don't like him much.  But I can relate to his heartache. 

Chasing You

"Chasing You" is about a woman caught up in the relationship drama of a love triangle.  She’s not over her Ex, but he’s moved on to somebody new.  It’s a straight-ahead rocker because she’s facing the truth about her love life spinning out of control.

The chorus was inspired by the climax of one of my favorite movies.  And no one's been able to guess it  so far...

This is currently my most popular video on YouTube.

Crimson Lips

"Crimson Lips" is a song about firey woman hitting the dance floor and turning a lot of heads. There's so much fire and heat imagery that the lyrics almost borders on magical realism.  

This was the first song I wrote after getting my first Telecaster.  Straight-ahead Rolling Stones garage rock song.  When NIck Tara mixed it he added the keyboard parts and created the introduction.  There's so much tension that when the guitars finally do hit they just explode. 

I really loved the popart style of this cover image too. 

"Walk You Home"

"Walk You Home" is a song about how we get each other through the tough times.  It's like a ray of sunshine in the middle of a Minnesota winter. 

A lot of details in the lyrics are about my neighborhood in Minneapolis like the uneven sidewalks and the lights on the theatre marquee.  There's an abandoned theater near my house with a great old marquee and they've kept the light on for years as it's being remodeled. That theatre inspire the album title "Burning up the Marquee" and it reminds me of the Chucky Berry line "Maybe some day you'll name will be in lights, saying Johnny B. Goode tonight."  That's my go-to karaoke song. 

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