Indie Horizons Playlists Out Now

Twitter is great place to find community, and I've found a great group of music fans and indie musicians on Twitter.  They've been incredibly supportive and have helped spread the word about my first single.  I wanted to give back, so I created a playlist called "Indie Horizons" and put it out on both Spotify and Youtube.

Both playlists feature over 60 independent singers and bands from around the world. The playlist is constructed to move the listener through a few different interrelated genres including indie, rock, Americana, and alternative. 

Here's the official description: 

"Indie Rock playlist featuring new indie bands discovered on IG, Twitter, and Bandcamp.  New indie pop music, new garage rock bands, new jangle rock music, and the best new indie rock music.  Emerging new indie artists you need to know about.  That's Indie Horizons"

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