Friends of Eric Linden

Even a solo artist doesn't do it all alone. I wrote the songs for "Burning up the Marquee" in a virtual songwriter's circle with three other musicians during the lockdown of 2019.  I've known these guys since we were playing shows together in our high school bands. We each wrote and recorded a song a week for thirty weeks.  This project got me through one of the hardest times of my life and inspired me to keep writing.  "Burning Up the Marquee" would not exist if not for these incredible friends. 

The Negatrons

The Negatrons are pumping out melodic, independent rock from the Midwest.  Their first album, Stumblebum, features pop-punk written in the 90s, but the rest of their catalogue includes a wide range of genres.  

They also make a lot of T-shirts. A lot of T-shirts.

Clint Morgenstern Music

Clint Morgenstern is a bluesman from North Dakota with soulful vocals and a searing guitar.  He's built a following playing clubs and breweries.  His first singles include El Paso County Line and Voodoo Blues.

He also posts guitar videos to Instagram Tiktok. 


MouthKeevin, fronted by songwriter Jason Walth, is a heavy alternative rock band.Their slogan is  "Underground. 20 years."

Check out songs like Amplified Hysteria and NoWhere on Soundcloud.