Interviewed by Marc Schuster

Recently, I was interviewed by Marc Schuster for his blog.  We talked about how my three home states have impacted my songwriting, the songwriter's circle, and the title of my upcoming album Burning up the Marquee. 

We also did a deep dive on the lyrics of 3,000 Pieces of Me.  He asked me about the Elton John allusion, the Belize suitcase, and exactly how much of the song was based on my own past relationships.  

It's a wide-ranging interview where we talk about everything from Fender Telecasters to Ernest Hemmingway. Why it might be a good thing if lyrics make you cringe and why you should finish what you start. 

Here's the opening paragraph from Marc's writeup: 

The first time I heard Eric Linden’s “Chasing You,” I was immediately struck by the song’s energy. The David Johansen swagger of Linden’s vocal delivery left me with a distinct impression of the New York Dolls, and it also held echoes of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and a little bit of Peter Murphy. More recently, his single “3,000 Pieces of Me” revealed an incredibly sensitive approach to songwriting and an eye for telling detail. Curious about what makes the burgeoning singer-songwriter tick, I dropped him a line…

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